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Re: Naruto RPG FC

"Bingo Book Mission. I refused it thou, but the akatsuki tracked me down and all. I do not care much about them anyways. They have there ways but they have so little members they probably could not accomplish anyways."
claimed Ryoku. "That was what I was working on. The akatsuki have been watched by all countries now. It is weird but many countries care a lot about them." Okashii said. Ryoku continued "They DO NOT matter now thou. i just want to finish normal mission like the most recent one I got on my e-mail about 2 weeks ago. There is a problem somewhere that is needed of help a month subtract 2 weeks from now. Could you help?"
Okashii, "sure"
Ryoku asked the other two nins "So what are yoiu guys planning next?"
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