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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Tookaipai View Post
My friends and I have been arguing about this for a long time... Its about how most religions are against abortion and how its cruel and evil and whatever... Yet, how would they feel are a 17 year old girl, who got raped... and is now being told that she has to give up on her life because of something that wasnt even her fault... When a lady (who was christian) came in to talk to us about the evilness of abortion, I stood up and asked her about the 17 year old girl thing. Her answer was "There is no excuse to have an abortion be it incest, rape, or accidental" she then refused to let me rebuttle her statment... So what do you all think about abortion?? Do you agree with me that there are some excuses? or do agree that someone should be forced top raise the child no matter what?
I'd like to apologise on her behalf... What an silly, silly woman. Most people who say such dogmatic rubbish have never experienced such a tragedy themselves... If one's theology is totally divorced from their practical lives then they will usual run into a faux pas like this..

Let me say that I am further down the road to being Pro-Life than to Pro-Choice.. I believe that all life is a gift from God and that no one should think LIGHTLY of taking another's life. BUT....I would also say that there are many grey areas within this subject... (gosh, like most really) and I think there most definitely ARE exceptions, like the one you gave, which need to be taken into account.

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