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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by Tookaipai View Post
that is soooo unbelievably narrow minded of you!!! If you where in her situation i bet youd be singin a different story!
Tookaipai... Read what my earlier post and the one in the 'abortion' thread on the debates section... I'm totally with you people thinking differently if they were to experience it themselves... Whereas abortion shouldn't be considered lightly, I think it is a reason option for someone in that situation... If the abused woman is actually in a marriage or relationship then it most definitely needs to be a partnership decision for one thing... The feelings of the husband must definitely be considered... That is one of the most important part of a marriage.... communication, honesty being partners.

They would need to consider if they can put all the potential negative feelings or resentment towards the child (it would be a constant reminder of the rape) and also the resentment that the husband may feel towards the wife for keeping the child...

I'm sorry to say that alot of pastoral situations such as these are simply 'solved' by quoting the bible haphazardly and don't take into account the grey areas that are definitely around. This is a gross failure to act in Love and compassion

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