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Re: So much fail...

Originally Posted by DGLG View Post
I don't think so.

Pain looks lame and weak to you but only 'cause he's holding back. He didn't even used the rinnegan yet. Ok, AL using summonings was a bad idea, but let's wait and see.

Konan on the other hand is a lame weak bitch. The only reason she's teamed up with Pain is 'cause he knew her since they were kids.
I didn't say Pain is lame because his fighting style is shit, I am saying that his character and ideals as a whole are a huge disappointment.

Originally Posted by ultimateGunner2 View Post
dude pain n konan prob looks weak to u becus kishi jus started showing more about them >.>
Read the post again. I mentioned their goals and the idea of the Bijuu hunt more than their battle prowess.

Originally Posted by MrPwnzerz View Post
Honestly, stop complaining. You choose to follow the series, if you don't like it, don't read it. People are too intolerant. All I ever see on this forum anymore are people complaining about "too many eye kekkei genkais," and the manga not going in the direction you hoped it would go. If you have so many ideas on how to make a great manga, start your own. People always complaining about how Jiraiya has ties to Pain and Konan. Why is that surprising? He's over 50 years old and the Ninja countries have been in several major wars in that time.

There's numerous threads on the topic of people being unsatisfied because they're not seeing what they assumed they might see and hyped those ideas up, only for them to not come true. Go post in those threads, and stop starting new ones. I don't know what the mods think, but it has gotten to the point that a thread like this is spam. Someone should make an "Official bitch about Naruto" thread.
Forum is made so people can discuss the anime/manga and share their opinions with others.
This isn't the place for everyone to praise and worship a manga/anime.
Everyone has their likes and dislikes, and, as I said, those people want to express their view.

Besides, saying shit like "Official bitch about Naruto" shouldn't be coming from your mouth as I saw you always bad mouthing Shippuuden, never saying a single positive sentence for an episode.

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
Yahiko's goal was to end all wars by causing wars. Kishi doesnt want to end all wars, Yahiko did and apparently Pein does. I havent read the new chapter yet so I'm just going off u. Kishi wants Naruto and the gang to stop Pein from doing this.

Even if Akatsuki just monopolized the war market, there would be no need for other shinobi so who is there to go to war with, unless all the remaing shinobi from all of the other villages go up against Akatsuki, otherwise there will be no money in being a shinobi. Not many would want to be one. Shinobi still have to eat, support their families.

the introduction ofGuns really killed off the ninja era. The governments with their guns, quickly killed of all men with swords and such weapons. Akatsuki are like the guns. They plan to be the need that noboby in the other villages need any shiobi, why so many shinobi are dead, and why noone wants to become a shinobi anymore. "If u cant beatem, joinem" "If u cant joinem, just quit.

I like Peins plans and goal. If the whole "Nuke" thing is tru, then that is a studid idea for this shinobi world, but I liek the idea of killing off all shinobi, literally and figuiretively, to bring peace. I did believe that it was the only way but now that I think of it, times are changing. If there are more Lords, princesses, prince's, like the ones Naruto has met and influenced on his travels, and more "NEW GENERATION" kages like Naruto eventually and Gara, and village relationships like the Sand and the Leaf, then Wars will eventually end. Pain has only known the Pain and cannot see what is already taking place in the shinobi world. He cannot let go of the Pain from his own life, and own past.
While your post is good, you should really read the chapter, because I made this thread because of it.

Originally Posted by MajkY View Post
i think Itachi and some others from Akatsuki have a plan against Pain in the end
I don't think so. There would be no need to even capture the Bijuu if that's the case. They just have their own agendas.


And guys, I didn't say Pain and Konan are weak, read the post please.
Mixing modern world wars with Narutoverse is just a failure in my eyes, that is all.
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