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Re: *¤¤§< FANFIC~FC >§¤¤*

lol...that's exactly what RPing is...

here's my 2 charrys. When I have time, I'll make the third...needs to be a full squad...currently, the third one is in a coma...or something...dunno...but he exists...that's why the squad is incomplete.

Name: Hagane, meaning "steel"
Clan: Unknown. What he does know it that His clan possessed a Kekkei Genkai called Kinzokuton ('Metal release'), which allows him to use metal chakra, a combination of earth and fire chakra. Because of this, he is able to control and manipulate metal. He was even able to augment his skeletal structure and musculature with various metal s, making his skeleton stronger and giving him many times his own strength. He has even gone as far as using thin chakra-absorbing wires to augment and replace parts of his own chakra network. What he can do with metal is only limited by his chakra supply, the metal he's dealing with, the amount of metal, and his imagination. His eyes are also gray because of his Kekkei Genkai which allows him to see metal to a advanced degree. When his eyes are "activated" he can even see the minute amounts of metal in circulatory and skeletal systems, allowing him to see enemies from a ways away and seeing how they are armed. His Kekkei Genkai also gives him the ability to sense metal deposits in the ground, and loose metal is sometimes attracted to his body while he is sleeping.
Age: 15 1/2
Gender: Male
Element: Kinzokuton
Attack Type: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu, short to midrange. His philosophy is that a good defense is a good offense, since most of his moves are defensive in nature, but can be used offensively.
Kenjutsu (taijutsu)
(learns later) Firestorm - creates possibility of Fire Whirls and creates a Pyrocumulonimbus cloud, which allows for hail and lightning and allows for Fire Whirl technique to be used with minimal chakra loss.
Fire Whirl - a tornado of fire that chases enemies
storm of 1000 needles (later 10000 needles) - needles form from metal dust cloud
hidden kunai/shuriken - kunai/shuriken is shot out of or is drawn out of back of forearm formed by skeletal-enhancing metal. Metal wires or chakra strands may be attached.
hidden storm of steel wires - steel wires shoot out of the wrist and bind into a cable with the ends wrapping around the foe or other targets formed by axillary muscle wires.
hidden katana - katana is drawn out of leg near the hip, formed by skeletal-enhansing metal.
kunai control - the path of a kunai is controlled by chakra strand attached to the kunai
defensive arm metal manipulation - manipulates skeletal muscle in arm to create a blade that is 2 centimeters from the outside edge of the forearm and is 2 1/2 centimeters wide. it is straight along the majority of the forearm and curves when it reaches the fist inward to match the curvature of the fist
offensive arm metal manipulation - manipulates skeletal muscle in arm to create four blades attached four centimeters from the elbow
hidden needle - fires up to 5 needles at a time from each hand at high velocity
Kinzoku Jōheki - metal version of Moku Jōheki - creates a half dome of metal to protect the user
Spiked Kinzoku Jōheki - adds spikes to an already existing Kinzoku Jōheki. can then send the half dome flying at someone in two pieces, or as a whole.
Inner Decapitation Technique
Rock Lodging Destruction
Split Earth Turn Around Palm
Underground Projection Fish Technique
Hair: Black, short cut
Eyes: Piercing Gray
Home Village: Iwagakure, the Village Hidden in the Rocks
Character History/Personality: He was left when he was 1 on the step of a small family in Iwagakure. When he was old enough, he joined the ninja academy. He never felt like he fit in until he was in the ninja academy, which explains why he acted so coldly towards most of the other students there, although most of them never made an effort in the first place. There, at the academy, he felt at home, although he never made any real friends. He excelled in all of his classes. He was, by the end, at the top of his class. The simple academy ninjutsu never was a problem for him to master and taijutsu was second-nature. He looked forward to school so much that he was disappointed when it ended everyday. He used his free-time when he could to develop his own jutsus using his Kekkei Genkai, manipulating metal in new ways and getting better and better at it. When he graduated, he was teamed up with Mukuge, whom was one of the only people who Hagane didn't act coldly towards and whom he had developed a crush on later, and _____. Their sensei, ______, was one of few ninja in Iwagakure who was skilled with katon no jutsu. She taught him his Fire Whirl jutsu. Hagane, now, in his spare time often trains with Mukuge, teaching her taijutsu and helping her improve her tessenjutsu. After the chuunin exams, which all of the team passed, he has continued getting stronger and has completed many b-level missions since then.
Weapons: 6 explosive tags, 6 smoke bombs, and 2 light bombs. Sometimes he will carry scrolls that summon certain metals.
Character's Physical Description: He is 5' 10" and is average weight for his age. His skin is relatively pale which contrast greatly with his gray eyes. His shirt is (for a lack of a better way to describe it) like Neji's shirt (post-timeskip), except for it is a slate gray color. It has a few metal wires going through the sleeves so that he can roll them up at a moment's notice. He also wears black slacks that reach down to his shoes (also black).

I haven't decided names for the 3rd team member and their Jonin ex-leader yet, so I left blanks.
________________________________________ _______________

Name: Mukuge, meaning "sincere heart" or more literally is a pink flower, the common garden Hibiscus.
Clan: Kintessen, meaning "golden warfan". Her clan excels in the use of the tessen, especially the women of the clan and they use various jutsu using the fan, including many genjutsu using the side of the fan as a reflective surface to reflect light into the enemies eyes to initiate genjutsu, as well as putting wind chakra into the wind blown by the fans to enhance both the wind and creating a cutting affect.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Chakra Type: Fuuton
Attack type: Genjutsu type; mid-long range
tessenjutsu (taijutsu)
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Sight Corruption Technique - the enemy's sight is corrupted so that they are disoriented and nothing seems to be what it is
Demonic Illusion: Sight Control Technique - allows the user to control what the enemy sees
Cutting Whirlwind Technique
Hair: Black, long, straight, slightly longer than shoulder length
Eyes: Violet-blue
Home Village: Iwagakure, the Village Hidden in the Rocks
Character History/Personality: She was born into a small clan specializing in tessenjutsu. Her twin sister looks a lot like her, except for her eyes and hair (her sister's a blonde). They have been best friends ever since they were born. When Mukuge was in the academy, she was one of the most popular kids there. She enjoyed the attention, but she lacked any true friends except for her sister. When she met Hagane, she could somehow tell through the coldness that he was a kind guy, so she became friends with him. She had never been very good at Taijutsu, being not very strong, but she is more agile. She is good at Ninjutsu and is extremely talented at Genjutsu.
Weapons: She carries 6 explosive tags, 3 smoke bombs, 3 light bombs, 12 shuriken, 6 kunai, and two golden tessen. They have a rose design also made of metal. The edge is razor sharp. The entire fan is made from chakra-absorbing metal, so her wind chakra can be used to extend and sharpen their edge and range, increasing their defensive and offensive abilities. They were made by Hagane as a present to replace her old ones for her 15th birthday.
Character's Physical Description: She is 5' 8 and slim. She is considered to be very beautiful and in her age group is only rivaled by her twin sister (fraternal). She wears a burgundy-violet dress, split up the sides to give her full mobility and fishnet stockings underneath.

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