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Re: Sage of 6 paths. Which body Pein is in

Originally Posted by Ami-san View Post
That was a great theory...but theres a flaw in it.

As you see on this picture, theres a entrance on the look at this picture.

There is no entrance on the opposite side of the wall.

As you can see, the pod that Pein's second body came out of wasnt from the "Animal" pod, but from the "Human" pod...right beside Pein's "Heaven" body.

It was a awesome theory that you came up with man, but seeing that the "Animal" and "Human" are on different sides , your theory may be incorrect...unless you were tired and accidently labled "Animal" and "Human" on the wrong pods.
when pain comes into this cave he made that gate on his own ,from nothing so it could be that when he sit down on the bed the gate closed again on his own.And perhaps the body taht was named ghost is that one from hell.IN that case all the theory would fit
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