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Re: *¤¤§< FANFIC~FC >§¤¤*

May I join?

Village: hidden village of lightning
Bloodline: burnt in fire inscence
Appearence: Brown spikey hair with pure black eyes, and a headband from the hidden village of the cloud, pants that are the same as Rock lee's except everything is black; top is the same as Sasuke during the chunin exam except it is all Red. Jounin vest
chakras: lightning and fire

control over ash/coal/fire like Gaara's sand
shadow clone jutsu
chakra burst- when chakra is at max and it hurt anyone severely if 10 yards near it. The cost is serious injury. it is pretty much opening gates.
Fire Element; Fire Dragon Flame Missile
Fire Element; Blazing Fireball Jutsu
lightning Blaze: all Royku's weapons have an electrical charge

Name: Okashii (first word that poped into my head)
Hair: Blue (Hair faces towards the back)
Eye color: black

Country:Land of the rock
Rank: Genin cuz they are awesome and can still kick butt
Type of ninja: One who is trained very well in all sort of jutsus and styles but specializes in the art of ninjutsu. His chakra types are (he was able to have two chakras in the rank of genin yes) lightning and rock.
Jutsus: Resangan except just a random shape of chakra in his hands(forgot how to spell) can be perfromed easily and uses one forth of chakra.
Interesting jutsus that are new:Rise of Piecring Rocks when rock raise from the ground and piecre the opponents.
Summoning of Kyojin Tori(since I am not Japanese i do not know how to order the words i just put them as they would sound in English i guess)
Rock Blast Putting his hands together he summons a large rock into his hand and blasts it off. That is all for now.
Background: Doesn't even remember who he family is because he was abandoned by his parents because his lack of bloodline. He for some odd reason could not have the bloodline of his clan at an early age which supposedly was to come out at the age of 2. he grew up alone with a computer for a learning system. the bloodline is some sort of doujutsu...
He made friends with Ryoku when only 5 and Ryoku became his teacher but Ryoku is only 3 years older than he is.

Name: haburi(i dunno sounds good)
Bloodline: Summoning with cards
Age: 11
Cards of Death: flying cards as sharp as kunais
Appearance: Hair is a little longer than the shoulder and wears the head band on his waist. He wears normal human clothes to look normal
Info: His parents are still alive and well and live in a cottage at the edge of town. He doesn't not live with them because he loves being independent. His parents are fines with this cuz he does occasionally visit. he received a special deck of cards for his birthday used for summoning things he was to need in the ninja world. He is like Sai in a way. He is Ryoku's far far cousin and also Okashii's friend.

They are Team 145 of the Hidden Village of Clouds. They always work together... most of the time.
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