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Re: Possible chapter 297 spoiler script...

Originally Posted by Nexus View Post
Seeing Nel was being attacked, Ichigo grasped his sword and charged at Nnoitra only to get slammed down on the ground.

“Just give up” The spoon espada smiled evilly “Neriel is your last light and that light was already shut down. It means everyone of you is finished here”

After his word, Nnoitra ordered Tesla “Let’s switch. This one is worthless, so I will let you to finish him off”

“Yes” Tesla answered with no emotions as if he was a robot. He released Orihime to let Nnoitra hold her. Tesla step close to Ichigo who’s lying down on the ground and drew out his sword.

“Crash Verruca”

Ichigo suddenly felt one of his legs pressed by something. What he saw above his body was Tesla who turned into a big boar. The fraccion trampled firmly on Ichigo’s leg and broken his angle.

When Orihime started to call out his name, Nnoitra shoved his fingers into her mouth to silent her. “You pet” He whispered beside her ear “Keep your mouth shut. Now your duty is to shut up and watch.” His eyes lit up “Watch the one who came all the way here to save you being beaten the crap out of him”

The scene changed to Szayel’s fight. Pecche and Dondojack were surprised that their ‘Cero Sincronico’ hasn’t injured Szayel even a bit. “ didn’t work?”

“Because you are too slow” The eighth espasa answered

“Do you think that changing the masks will make me be unable to recognize you? I know at the first glance that both of you are Nel’s fraccions”

Szayel has calculated their moves, spiritual power and their exp. while they’re fighting with the clones. Even though their combined cero was powerful, Szayel already expected it. (Their full names are Pecche Gadiche and Dondojack Wilston) The scene ended with Szayel said let end this act once again.

Rukia was lying down on the ground while the black espada came closer to her. He stared at the death body of the ninth espada before he mumbled quietly “The survivor in the first generation of Espada had to meet the end like this…” He turned his stare to Rukia. “…you are too careless”

“Had you been careless you’d eventually end you life” The black espada said and his hand reached for his sword. “If you want to make sure that she’s really dead, you need to cut off her head” His eyes were reflected in his sword. “Don’t worry Arronero, I will finish what you have left”

At the place where Chad’s lying down came the special arm force ‘Exequias’. “… he's still breathing?” The leader of the group said. While he’s drawing out his sword, he continued staring at the still body. “…Start collecting the data”

The scene changed to Ichigo again. He was beaten badly by released Tesla. Screaming painfully, his right arm was broken. Tesla threw him away like a trash. As if he still didn’t please with his work, Tesla slowly stepped closer to Ichigo. He drew his fist above Ichigo’s body and swashed it down powerfully.


The fist hit something else instead of Ichigo. In front of them stood the 11th division’s captain ‘Zaraki Kenpachi’

“So, you are about to die eh, Ichigo?”
If that is true, which it looks like it is from the spoiler pics, then i am very dissappointed in Ichigo. Getting his butt kicked by Tesla. He ain't even an Espada. I could see if he was an Espada, even if it was Yammy, but Tesla. Even if he is injured, that is kind of pathetic that Kenpachi has to come and save him. Someone that doesn't even have his bankai or bankai activated. Ichigo is in his Bankai form, come on.

Well at least we get to see the Black Espada. I have been waiting to see him to.


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