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Re: Akatsuki Leader ~ Shrike Style

Of course, the Sage did not want such a power released upon his newly created world, so he fought A’er’es to stop him. The Sage won, and sealed and cursed A’er’es along with The Shrike within himself.
This is the sealed A’er’es:

Yeah, he looks hideous. The Sage though he deserves this, and by cursing him to eternal life, he imprisoned him deep within the Land of Grass. Note that he can live forever, but can die form wounds normally.

After spending about 400 years imprisoned, A’er’es was discovered by an weird individual who presented himself as Zetsu. He proposed to unseal and free A’er’es for a price. A’er’es pleaded him to free him and told him to ask whatever he wants. Zetsu seemed to be cunning, powerful and unique shinobi. (I will not get into Zetsu’s character and I will not guess what he would ask for, since I don’t know his character, so I will let your imagination decide)
And so, A’er’es was freed. Slowly, he formed an organization with Zetsu, whom he named “Akatsuki”. He sought to bring new dawn to the shinobi world. (Now here would I input a story how A’er’es met Konan, whom I would name differently of course, but I won’t do it since I have no time to think about her now. She would pwn btw, and she would be from the cloud village).

A’er’es created 10 rings. He was instructed by the Shrike of how to make them. He felt that he needed to exact his revenge upon someone, and fast. His target was the Land of Whirlpool. He chose it randomly, and tried summoning a few Bijuus to crush the country, since he had a summoning medium sealed inside him.
It didn’t work well, since some of the Bijuus were already released upon the world and those who were summoned, he could not control. His powers were not as godly as he thought they would be. Sanbi, and a few other summoned Bijuus destroyed the Whirlpool however and started to roam freely.
A’er’es was disappointed. He then closed up himself, and started researching the era he was currently in. He found a wife, and got children. He calmly took the title of the Rain shinobi. Then, he slowly started making plans for this world, the world who forgot their purpose.
The purpose of the shinobi is to wage war, and he sought to bring the era of war once again. After calling Zetsu and Konan again, “Akatsuki” started looking for members. A’er’es explained his new members that “Akatsuki’s” goal was to have a monopoly on wars of the shinobi world. A’er’es lived for battle, but he was so arrogant, he wanted to prove himself superior to the whole world.

A’er’es is calm and collected person. He respects people who have an ambition, no matter how much it is different from his own. Asteren can act like a good father, husband, or a lover. But in the end, wars are his passion.
That is why he killed his whole family when he felt it was time for the final Bijuu to be collected, and he went after Naruto himself.


The battle of A’er’es and Naruto would go totally different than some might expect.
If I was the one writing, A’er’es (Pain) would have made it sealing all the Bijuu, and gaining gold powers. Naruto would somehow survive this, or he would be resurrected by Tsunade giving up her life for him. Whatever works for you. I don’t have time to think now.

Naruto would not be able to defeat him alone. He would need the power of all his friends to do this. Remember, the beginning of this manga showed us that the real power comes from the team work.
Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto would fight side by side against A’er’es until one side is eliminated.
I would not let AL fight Naruto and co. just like that, I would make him lead a war upon the whole world, and Naruto would be forced to stop him.

In the end, Naruto would create 10 000 KBs and fight the war himself(he wouldn’t fight every A’er’es’s shinobi, just those who were after Konoha;Gaara is there for his own country, and other for their own countries). And the real him would fight A’er’es along with Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi.

Although, I would make him die in the end >.>


So, did you like my AL?
Give me love, hugs and reps now

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