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Re: Akatsuki Leader ~ Shrike Style

Originally Posted by MajinX View Post
lmao, like #1BG said, hardly anything about pain is revealed yet, not even 1/6 of his fighting powers, and even with what we see from jairaiyas flashbacks, this guy obviously went through ALOT and got alot stronger since he left jairaiya, i bet if kishi wanted, he coulda wrote a whole manga on the same pain we know as the main character.

ur character is not bad, a bit odd and random at times but not bad, im still waiting for more on kishis pain tho.
Ehm, you definitely misunderstood me.
I don't even care about Pain's powers. I am sure he will be the most powerful shinobi on the world - yeah, I am sure he is even more powerful than Madara is. While we are at his powers, I don't like introducing another Doujutsu, but that's not even why I complained.

I complained about his character. An orphan who wanted to protect his friends and who was trained by Jiraiya "grew up" to be an emo who is convinced that he grew up because he knows what true pain is, therefore calling himself Pain. Now, his plan is to make the whole world "grow up" by experiencing the same pain he did. And to do that, he needs a nuke (I will not even go through all that bullshit that the rings were actually nothing but sealing ritual medium, and that the whole sealing ritual actually puts all Bijuus in a mixer to make a nuke, I mean, wtf is that shit?).

You said he went through much, and that Kishi could write a story about Pain the same as he did for Naruto's pain. Yes, this is true, and that is exactly why I don't like Pain - he is a fucking Akatsuki Leader, Kakuzu was so much more better bad guy than he is. Kakuzu was evil, Pain is just emo.

Originally Posted by #1 Bad Guy View Post
Shrike Shrike friend.......seriously......come on.

I dont even have to read it all to say that Kishimoto's is better. We know almost nothing about Pein and already you people dont like him. Well let me tell you, as a bad guy conosuire I can tell you right now that Pein or PAIN, is GOING to be one of the greatest naruto villains of all time. Just let this whole thing play out.

Yours is kinda like Pein anyway, with a bunch of random impossible things surrounding him lol.

On another note, your a great writer and I loved reading it. Good characterization and it flowed greatly. Do you RP?
Read what I told Majin.
He is called Pain, not Pein, which really annoys many people. I see you prefer calling him Pein yourself =)

Thanks for the compliment, but I didn't really put much effort in there, since I was thinking about it while I was writing. To be honest, I think I did a better job on explaining the whole shinobi world thing than AL. But still, I wanted AL who is bread for war. A person who hungers for power; who s arrogant, but still respectful; who wants to achieve nothing through everything.
NOT an emo who wants to nuke countries just to show them how they destroyed his little world.

I do RP, but I really had no time for it for almost a year now =)
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