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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by Nexus View Post
I'm a little disappointed with this future chapter as my "Espada Rank" for a certain arrancar wasn't met, but I know I'll still like it.

Ichigo: Soul Society... you came to help in the battle?

Kenpachi protects Ichigo.

Kenpachi: You're in the way... move. Urahara Kisuke, that bastard thinks the ending battle is in winter, but The Old Man thinks different.

*The Captains came out the black hole leading to Hueco Mundo.*

*The black hole is the only way captains can enter hueco mundo.*

Kenpachi: 3 months ago, talk started about Orihime’s capture, but the talk lasted one month.

***Could this mean time here is flowing differently? It would explain Nnoitra saying Nell left years ago.***

Ichigo: ...really ...Kenpachi

Kenpachi: Of course... Did ya hit ya head or something?

Tesla: Who are you?

Kenpachi: ...

Tesla: ...No answer huh? Then disappear!

Nnoitra: Stupid bastard!!! Run away Tesla!!!!

***Refer to pic 3***

Tesla: Nnoi... tra... sama...

Kenpachi: Next

* The scene changes to when the captains entered.*

Yachiru: Finally! Kenpachi came through the hole

Kenpachi: Yachiru! you…

Kenpachi: I said I would be enough

*The scene changes to Rukia.*

*To the right of Byakuya are Unohana and Zako.*

Dark Espada: Who are you?

Unohana: I am the 13th division 4th squad captain, Unohana Retsu. The 2nd in charge of this mission.

Zako: Captain...!

*The scene changes to Apollo.*

Kurotsuchi: An Espada! Precious isn't it?!

Apollo: Who are you?

Kurotsuchi: Who am I? Would it matter if I answered?

*The scene changes to Rukia.*

Dark Espada: I am the "7th" (Septimo) Espada, Zomari Ruru... Now then intruder tell me your name?

Byakuya: We are the enemy.

Ruru: I see...

Unohana: We came to heal the injured... not to fight...

Byakuya: ...I want to ask a question... did you fight with rukia?

Ruru: ...I did not ...but ...I will now kill her

*Byakuya stares...*

Byakuya: I see...

*The scene changes to Nnoitra who attacks Kenpachi, and Kenpachi allows the attack to hit.*

Kenpachi: finally attacked huh?

Nnoitra: What's your name... Shinigami?

Kenpachi: 11th squad Captain Zaraki Kenpachi!

Nnoitra: 5th Espada... Noitora Jiruga!

Shoot! I truely wanted him to be the 1st Espada, but I knew that he wasn't as soon as he was included in the fight already in the storyline. Well, imo, there's no denying that Stark's probably the Primero (1st) Espada now.
MAN!!, I wanted him to be at least #3 or #4, but #7, dang. I was really hoping that old guy would be 7, but at least Halibel and Stark are going to be in the top 3.

It looks like my theory about Stark being #1 could possibly be true.

Why couldn't Ruru be one of the top 3, why?

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