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EV Prologue The Story of the Phoenix

This takes almost Fifty years before the events in Eldest Vampire

The story of the Phoenix.

Prologue: The Birth of Fire

“Quick hide him he must stay safe he cannot be found,” said a man in a black cloak.
“We must hide him where his power can’t be read,” panted a second man holding a black cloth that is holding special contents on the inside.
“Here leave him here it will be safe here,” said a final man in the trio.

All three were cloaked in a black cloak with a unique symbol in red woven in the front of the cloaks. Each man stopped at a small house in a small truck town. It was a two story house with a red door and red shutters on the outside of the big window in the front. There were two columns that erected from the porch where the front door was.

The front porch lights were on for the night and the street, which turned up on to a hill, was silent and still. The men glided up to the front door and placed the cloaked rapped bundle on the door step. They placed a small feather on the cloaked and one of the men recited, “Imbunne.” A small silver light grew from the middle man’s hand. The golden feather sunk into the cloak and created a design on the side of it where the feather was place.

The men turned to one another and started to walk away. One of the men turned to the one next to him as probed, “Do you think it was wise placing him here, he maybe in more danger then we would have hoped.” “He will be safe, this place maybe in the heart of the realms but it is also a place where his power will be hard to find,” replied the other man.

“Well this will be a hard task to help him, we must monitor his progress so he is always protected,” said the third man.

“Yes true Arai, we must but we cannot reveal ourselves in front of the boy,” said the middle one again.

All three walked down the hill in the street only showing their presence when the street light shined on them. The cloaked men walked into the town which took a while. There they changed their clothes with another strange light that came from their hands. The approached a diner and entered through the see through door.

They walked over and sat into a booth where they were greeted by a small waitress with a smug grin on her face with a red carrot colored hair growing from her head. The waitress outfit was plain with a blue white striped dress and a plain white apron with what looks like a grease stain towards the top right of it. “What can I get you boys,” she said tiredly.

The first man, whose face was now exposed, which was a plane face with a semi-happy smile placed upon it, spoke first, “Just some tea, or lemonade if you don’t have that please.” Arai who was sitting to the first man’s right said, “Um I will have a cola and some, hmmm ah some crumb-cake please.” The leader just waved his hand to signal nothing for him.

She floated away to the kitchen leaving the men to themselves. “So what do we do when he finds out, Retui” said Arai. The leader, Retui turned to him and answered, “We train him like the boss said and when he has reached a higher level we take him to the academy, just like we were told.” “Okay here you go,” the waitress said with a tray in one hand a cup of lemonade in the other. She passed it to the first man, then the cola and crumb-cake to Arai.

“Enjoy,” she muttered before retreating into the back again.
“Okay the training will be as followed, Omnen, you will teach him the basics and small stuff. Arai you will teach him the elements and advanced basics. And I will teach him spells and the stuff he must learn before going into the academy,” Retui explained.

“Well what do you we do if he awakens before his time,” asked Omnen

“Then we let him be expressed it is not as if he is a bad thing to happen to the boy,” replied Retui

Arai and Omnen, who looked fairly alike, besides the smile that Arai always wore, were now quenching their thirst and hunger. Arai was wearing a plain red shirt and jeans. Omnen was wearing the same outfit as his twin except for a blue shirt. They both had the same messy brown hair that parted to one side, for Arai to his right and for Omnen to his left.

Retui look much different from his brothers. He was wearing a black shirt with an eagle flying in from the left and plain jeans just like his brothers. He looked calm and collected which reflected his personality. His eyes were a faded silver eyes and bright black hair.

“Okay so its decided what will happen, and now we wait for him to grow and mature so we may watch his abilities as they show themselves,” explained Arai

The other two nodded and sat as the waitress came back and asked softly, “You done with that,” pointing to the crumb-cake. Arai nodded and she took the plate and again retreated to the back. So they all were left there thinking, thinking of the future hero of Earth.
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