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Re: Chinese Thread

Originally Posted by tomgeniewang View Post
redkyuubi, nice to meet u. and very glad to know that your spoken chinese is quite good.
and no problem, if you make some mistakes i will point it out. and if you have some questions, i will be glad to answer them.
quan li means you have the right to do something. like wo you quan li xuan ze wo zi ji de sheng huo( i have the right to choose my own life), li liang means the power that shows you are strong physically.
hmm... in my understanding quan li means to have power by the means of control, where as shi li means to have power by the means of influence... at least that's the way i learned it in china...i used the term quan li to express naruto/sasuke's control of their abilities, not just their physical strength- but i can understand the difference.

BTW, qing peng you- my meaning was "Please, friend"... so, ni jiao wo peng you all you want lol. Hai you wo ye zhi dao hen duo zhong guo ren bu xi huan ri ben ren, jin de.
-So you can call me "friend" all you, i also know that a lot of chinese people dont like japanese people, its true.
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