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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by SilverYondiame View Post
now this is excitement! Much better than Naruto right now - that is for certain! All the captains coming now.... and the time passing much faster here. All good, but one question still stands. I mean we know that Ichigo was tired and pushed to the limit when fighting Grimjaw. So his bankai didn't have the same power that it would usually..... but can Kenpachi really take down the 5th espada without a Bankai. If he does it, then the show just be changed to focus on Kenpachi..... well that or he should be the one to take on Aizen Give Kenpachi the same training that Ichigo had to reach his Bankai.... and Zaraki will be unbeatable!
THANK YOU. I have had that idea in mind all along. Everybody else says that he will beat Noitora without question. But if you actually look at how Ichigo and Kenpachi compare: his fight againist SHIKAI Ichigo, who won that. And now Ken wants to show up and take on someone that is not only stronger than Ichigo's shikai, not just his bankai either, but HIS vizard form to. Lets look at that last part that i just said, along with Ken and Ichigo's fight......................Ken just might LOSE. If he wins by some amazing way, then yes, the series needs to focus on Ken completely. Ken is not that strong.

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