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Re: Dark Plague

The following morning, Tsunade gathered some ninja at her office.

"Well then, let's begin discussing who will go on this mission." Tsunade said, sitting at her desk.

"What is the mission?" Neji asked.

"Head to the country of Heaven, and investigate anything related to..." Tsunade said, as she stopped herself.

"Yes?" Neji said.

"Investigate anything related to Akatsuki activity. Two Akatsuki members attacked yesterday, but they had different colored cloaks on. And for the most part, seemed quite powerful." Tsunade said.

"Why the country of Heaven?" Neji asked.

"One of them seemed abnormally powerful. For someone to be that powerful, I would assume they are from Heaven. They're shinobi are quite powerful." Tsunade said.

"Should we make arrangements with their Kage?" Sakura asked.

"That is in the works. By the time you all get there, their Kage will understand why." Tsunade said. "The team will be: Neji, Lee, Naruto, Sakura, and you all will be lead by Yama..." Tsunade said, as Kakashi interrupted her.

"I can go." Kakashi said.

"You're in no condition." Tsunade said.

"I feel better. Please allow me to lead this team." Kakashi said.

"Sakura, watch over him. If he's injured, do your best to heal him." Tsunade said.

"Yes master." Sakura said.

"You all will head Northeast of here. It should take you all quite a few days to make this trip, but I'm confident that you all will come back with vital information." Tsunade said.

Everyone left the office and began preparing for their trips. Naruto went to his room and packed his things, as did the others. A few hours later, they all met up at the Konoha gates.

"I wonder what it's like there." Naruto said to Sakura.

"I hope there are skilled shinobi there!" Lee said, excitedly.

"Let's be off then." Kakashi said, as the group left.

"Tsunade-sama, will they be alright?" Gai asked, as he appeared at the door of his office.

"We've sent some of the more powerful and skilled ninja we have. I think they will be fine." Tsunade said.

The scene switches to Sasuke and Team Snake in a cave.

"So you finally got it, eh?" Suigetsu asked, as he sat on a rock.

"Yes." Sasuke said, wondering when the visions will stop, yet still intrigued about Maikeru's past.

"When are we going after Itachi?" Juugo asked, as he stood at the entrance of the cave, looking around at the animals.

"Soon. This time there won't be any Konoha nin to interfere." Sasuke said.

Suddenly Sasuke grabbed his head with both arms. "Aaaarrgh!" Sasuke yelled out. "Not...again!" Sasuke said, as he was swept into another vision of Maikeru's past.

We see a cloudy vision in Sasuke's mind showing Maikeru, in Akatsuki clothing, fighting someone. Someone else is with him. A woman.

"Do you really want to do this?" Mystery person 1 asked, who happened to be clothed in Kage clothing.

"Keep quiet!" Maikeru shouted, as he rushed at this new mysterious person and attacked with quick hitting taijutsu. The stranger managed to block most hits, but Maikeru was a bit faster in his speed. Maikeru then tried to catch the stranger in a Sharingan genjutsu, but found himself knocked to the ground from a rather powerful kick from the stranger, which was re-enforced with wind element. (Who is that?)

Suddenly, the woman in Sasuke's vision began forming hand seals. The stranger looked on, and he knew what was to come. "That won't work." The stranger said, as he began forming Tiger seals to use a katon jutsu. "Smart. However..." The woman said, as large, incredibly sharp and piercing ice spears, that were also quite thick, appeared from thin air surrounding the stranger. (Ice? Hm.) "Ice Release: Homing Freeze!" The woman said, as all of the ice spears quickly pierced through the stranger. "Gaahhh" The stranger said, as it seemed he were dead. "Fools." The stranger said, as he poofed away, and appeared behind the woman. "Shit!" She said, as she quickly disappeared from his sight and Maikeru appeared behind the stranger, which the stranger hadn't detected. Maikeru leaned downwards, and with hands coated in chakra, gave two lethal blows to the stranger's back and hip areas, sending the stranger flying. (It seems I've not only gained Orochimaru's healing ability, but also a similar style of medical taijutsu that Kabuto used.)

The fight continued in Sasuke's clouded vision. The stranger had taken a rather unexpected damage from Maikeru's strikes. "Die!" The woman said as she, with blinding speed, ran up to the stranger, and used Neji's known 128 hit Strike. (What's this?) Each strike hit hard, closing up the stranger's chakra holes. As the woman stood there, about to deliver what seemed like a killing blow.... "Look out!" Maikeru shouted, with his Bykugan/Sharingan hybrid eyes activated. "The woman looked up, but had no time to react, as she took a painful looking kick to the face that sent her flying into Maikeru's arms. They both hit the ground hard. Her hat had fallen off, and she looked over at the stranger. (She has, Byakugan? Interesting.)

"I realize you're new to this, but please. Stand up and fight. You're embarressing." Stranger 2 said. (What?!)

"Heh. Well, it's a good thing you got here." Stranger 1 said.

"Is that right." Stranger 2 said, as he looked at Eliza and Maikeru. (So, she was his partner. Did she defect from Konoha?)

"You will regret that, Warui!" Eliza said angrily, as she stood up.

"I'm sure you can see with those Hyuga eyes, that I'm shaking in my boots." Warui taunted, as his right hand pulled away some of the long hair infront of his face, to reveal Sharingan eyes. (An Uchiha? But how?)

"Warui, you take Maikeru. I will deal with Eliza." Stranger 1 said.

"I'm your guardian, not your slave. I know what to do, Osoreru." Warui hissed.

"Hey, hey. I'm the Kage now, so you do what I say!" Osoreru said smiling. (Ugh. He doesn't act like a Kage. Why is this Warui person protecting Osoreru?)

"Sasuke!" Karin shouted, as he found himself on the ground, getting slapped by Karin.

"Oh! You're back to normal." Karin said, as she got off Sasuke.

"No! Damnit! That vision." Sasuke said, wanting to see more.

"I wish he would just let me explore his time line instead of granting me access to certain visions." Sasuke said, as he stood up and wiped himself off. "

End Chapter 9

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