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Early 300 spoiler...

Here's some early, possible info on chapter 300:

Number 7 released.

Hanatarou hurries along.

Hanatarou: huhuhuhuh (losing breath)... that cruel Kuchiki taichou…

He arrives just in time to see him disappear with shunpo...

僕ちゃんと出発前に「瞬歩使えないんで…」って言ったのに。(ここで花太郎転ぶ) 』
Hanatarou: I told him I couldn’t shunpo before we left. (Hanatarou falls over)

Scene changes to Byakuya.

Zomari: I’d go easy on you? Me? Why would you think that? You are a captain class enemy.

私は貴方を自分と同格と考え、その様に振る舞っているつもりです。私の心に奢りなどな い。』
Zomari: We are similar in rank and this situation, I won’t be taking this lightly. To go easy on you isn’t an option.

白哉『破面が…この私と自らと同格と考える…それ自体が既に奢りだと言ってい る』
Byakuya: consider yourself equal with me, it is already too late for saying such things.

黒人『成程…どうやら、傲岸不遜(ごうがんふそん)が貴方の性分な様だ。いいでし ょう。
Zomari: Indeed, it seems that it is simply your nature to be arrogant. I guess.

ならば 貴方の不遜そ の身の内まで擦り潰して差し上げましょう。鎮まれ呪眼僧伽(ブルヘリア)
Zomari: Since it is the case, I will crush that body of yours and the arrogance within. Hush (be quiet), Buruheria.

どうしました?攻撃を放つと直感したのに何も起こっていない。それが解せないと言いた 気だ。
Byakuya: What did you do? Nothing happened but intuitively you knew an attack had been made. How. You do not understand.

残 念。起こって いますよ。既に。』
Zomari: Too bad. It has been awakened, it’s already too late.

A pattern has attached itself around Byakuya’s foot. (Kinda like what Soifon does)

Zomari: Your left leg now belongs to me.

Byakuya: ... Whats going on...

黒人『全ての物には支配権があります。部下は上官の支配下にあり、民衆は王の支配下に あり、
Zomari: Everything has a ruler. The subordinate acts under the superior officers rule, the people are under the kings rule,

雲 は風の支配下
Zomari: the clouds are under the rule of the wind.

Zomari: The moonlight is under control of the sun. The ability of my Buruheria,

その目で見つめた物の支配権を奪う能力。私は この力を愛(アモール)と呼んでいます。
Zomari: allows me to snatch away the rule of anything the eyes can see. I call this power love (Amor).

まだ解せないと言いた気だ…。同情しますよ。知恵が浅いと解せない事が多くてお辛 いでしょう。
Zomari: Do you understand yet. My sympathy. It is hard for someone with shallow wisdom to comprehend.

Zomari: Even if you do not understand

Zomari: You can grasp what it means. Now “left leg” go here. Resistance is futile.

貴方の支配は左足へは届かない。さぁ 、もう一歩-----』
Zomari: Your rule can not reach your left leg. Now another step.

黒人『ほう。咄嗟に左足の筋肉と健を切りましたか。確かにそれでは動かせない。即断即 行。
Zomari: Now should we immediately cut the muscle/sinew in the left leg? Surely it would be impossible to move then. Carry out this order immediately.

素晴 らしい。それ では此方では如何でしょう?』
Zomari: This is magnificent. Now what can we do next?

He aims at the injured Rukia.

黒人『ほう。片足でもそこまで動けますか。流石は隊長。感服の至りです。 』
Zomari: Now you can move on one leg over to her. As one would expect of a captain. An admiral arrival.

Byakuya: You... came...

Hanatarou has arrived.

Byakuya: Leave here.

Hanatarou: It seems like, I will go soon enough, this is the intrusion!

Byakuya: This is not an intrusion. You are an eyesore.

Hanatarou: wha…......

白哉『もう一度言う。さがっていろ。今の私にはお前を巻き込まずに戦う保 証は出来ぬ』
Byakuya: I will say it again, leave. If you stay I can not guarantee that you will not be hurt during the fight.


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