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Re: The Official Music Talk Discussion v.1 [see first post]

What, back in '91? When hair metal was the popular shit? Pantera wasn't a big band back then, they got more popular towards the mid-90s when alternative was floating around, and crap like Oasis was big. When grunge hit, the biggest real metal bands were Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. They were the ones keeping real metal alive. Pantera just rode in on their coattails with a different brand of metal from the South. They weren't thrash or speed metal, and even though they started as a hair metal band, they evolved away from that. They were good, but they didn't "keep metal alive" as you said.

Metal never was in trouble. There were dozens of good metal bands still making music and touring during the grunge/alternative wave. Alternative did take the spotlight, but thats because it was more pop and less substance. Just like glam/hair metal was pop before it, and synth/new wave was pop before that. Then Rap and Hip-Hop got huge and stole all of the thunder from Alternative artists.

Metal has always been that kick-ass aggressive music thats been just under the radar, and its better being there. When music gets popular, then all the shitty knock-off bands come out of no where to make a quick buck at its expense. Look at what happened to punk, with the hundreds of pop-punk and emo bands that are clogging the airwaves today. Be proud of all your metal bands, they keep music honest and good, and together, they keep the world turnin.
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