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Re: VS thread

Yo mikey boy, i saw you gave up trying toargue with me as you didn't even try to counter my evidence, at least you know when you're beaten

and the other one, anticitizenone, i aim to please and entertain when the person can bring the right arguements to the table. I may look like a dope but then again, so did Naruto at the beginning of the series and look how he's turned out

A few things about what you said:

Naruto would have died along time ago if he hadn't had the demon chakra at the time and Haku couldn't kick everyone's ass, i doubt he would have been able to win against the ANBu members or the hokage, i bet eve Team Guy would have made haku and Zabuza have a run for their money

I ain't saying i'm better than everyone else at posts, i mess up and when i do people normally point it out by grabbing something from the anime or manga then verbally rub it in my face
I'MNOTCRAZY actually has my respect as he knows how to argue and back everything he says
i made the point about the blood cause someone said the blade just has to touch them, when we've all read and seen in the pictures that Hidan actually needs blood for his jutsu to work

If you want to continue the arguement then fine but if not, fine, i was just pointing out a few things and if you're wondering why i'm bringing something up that was moved on from like a week ago then you'll be glad to know i was banned for a week for using the word Noob, Anticitizenone there's your reason why its not said on this forum, you get banned for using it

If i get banned again i'm going to be annoyed, i wasn't directing it at anyone this time and it would just be stupid to ban people for just writing it down
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