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Re: ~The NEW Uchiha Sasuke Fanclub~

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
I used to get frustrated a lot more with people, especially when Sasuke was absent from the manga and even more so after his reappearance. So many were dead-set on seeing him 'turn into the next Orochimaru'. It was pretty annoying and it was like they either couldn't understand his character or didn't care to try.

I mean, I did think there was a chance that Sasuke would be farther gone than Kishimoto is currently presenting him, but I still thought that there would be humanity in his character no matter what. Or it would have been terrible characterization. >.>

And it's really annoying when I come across people who disregard the mangekyou sharingan/psychological torture Itachi put Sasuke through. o.o To me that is key as to why his character has turned out this way.
Yeah, i agree. I also believe that it is annoying when people just try to bag on him, even when they don't try and get to know his character. They had their minds set on him becoming something similar to Oro, even after he beat Oro and went his own way. They were narrow minded and thought of him in just that one way, and thought that he wouldn't change at all. Good post.

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