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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by devil001 View Post
Admit it mikey, you just couldn't think up anything to counter my points,
Dude get over yourself he countered everything you said you are just annoying him right now and can't accept defeat.
Originally Posted by devil001 View Post
and not accepting stuff from the anime show is just stupid and redicules,
Um yeah you should go re check things again because people here only use manga as facts in their debates not anime. why you ask? Because there are a lot of stuff that happen in the anime that never even come close to happening in the manga for example when kakashi used katon gokakyuu no jutsu that was only in the anime he never used katon in the manga yet. And manga is more reliable because the creator of naruto writes it himself while the anime is made by a whole different group of people.
Originally Posted by devil001 View Post
take you own advise and get over yourself.
Thats why he called you childish because you are acting like a little kid who isn't getting his way and let's his anger take over and it only makes you look more childish.
Originally Posted by devil001 View Post
Just because you've been around longer than i have, posted more and have a high reputation doesn't mean you're right about anything.
Wow you just keep getting more fun by the minute his post or rep has nothing to do with it he countered everything you said and trust me i read it all over he clearly beat you in the debate why can't you just accept the fact that he beat you. You used things to back up your claims from the anime that's the minute you already lost since nobody uses anime to prove themselves.
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