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Re: Tweaking of the Flamming rules.

Originally Posted by Shino View Post
We've always taken the context of the situation into account, and thats not changed. Although I'm not going to make them PM the flamee to see if he was offended each and every time before handing out an infraction. If they want to do that, thats fine, but I'm not going to force them to every time.
Why not just assume that they're not offended unless they report it? Wouldn't that just make a ton more sense that way?

Because at things are currently, you'll reverse a flame infraction if the person being flamed states that they're not offended anyway. So as things currently work you waste time giving someone an infraction which could potentially end up banning the guy for a while, then whoever got flamed also has to waste time PMing mods telling them they're not offended just to get the guy off the hook.

With the proposed suggestion you won't waste any time doing anything because if the person is offended they'll report it, and if they don't report it then you just bypassed a fuckton of bullshit. Best part is there's absolutely zero chance of there being misinterpretations or errors since you'll know exactly how the 'flamee' feels before any action is taken. It's less work for mods, and leaves no room for bitching about mods from the forum goers. It's seriously flawless.