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Re: EV Prologue The Story of the Phoenix

Chapter 2 The Past

All five were cast into a blue vortex. Each one following the other in a line. The line had breaks in it where you would see a split image and then blue again. Omnen thrust his hand out to open the end of the portal tossing everyone out.

“Let me go,” said Spyk as he struggled to break free.

“Do you know how you became what you are,” ask Omnen pulling him in to stop the moving.

“No, you can’t, not in front of them, never in front of others,” panicked Spyk.

John got to his feet to see a place in the middle of the forest. Leon was sitting up right next to him. “WH-where are we,” probed John as he looked at the two men. They looked to him and freaked out. “HOW DID YOU GET HERE,” they yelled as they looked at each other.

“NO, no this can’t happen you weren’t supposed to come; damn Retui is going to have out heads for this one,” said Arai as he paced.

“Just tell me why must I live through this nightmare again?” Spyk said angrily.

“Because you must not become what you were in the presence of the Phoenix when he appears,” piped Omnen releasing Spyk’s shirt.

John, still confused decided it was better not to ask questions at the time. “So let’s begin to see the history and beginning of Spyk Ciar,” Omnen said in overlord like tone. He held up his hand so no one would move.

From the right of the forest a caravan was walking through. In front was none other then Spyk himself. He looked like a proud soldier covered in the finest old age armor John had ever seen.

The armor was red and black with a long black and red striped sash, marked with ten stars rising up through it, was strapped across his body and up on his shoulder. There was no weapon on him just his armor and his spiked red hair.

“Forward men we must make it to Egypt before Phoix does, or the war is hopeless,” he announced to his men. He had a saddened face as if he was doing something he knew was wrong. When he reached center stage an ambush of twenty people shot from the tops of the trees. “TO ARMS MEN,” cried Spyk as he charged into the ambush.

In the back there was a man wearing unique robes or blue and silver. He held in his hands a weird scroll that started to light up as the man started talking. Spyk shot lights from his hand killing all who touched them.

“OVENATOUS,” the man finished and a blue light hit Spyk square on.

Spyk fell coughing up blood as the ambush retreated. He looked up and saw no opponent, he felt fine now and decided to move on. He walked down the path that was in front of him not looking back at what had just happened.

“There was the first part where the curse was made, the next is the transformation,” Omnen remarked.

Everything faded black the only visible things were the five of them. John couldn’t grasp what he just saw but he knew that it was something Spyk regretted very much. Spyk who was no on the floor could only hope that this would not be as bad as what he just saw of his past.

“Ah here we are three days later,” Arai said as he turned to Leon and John.

Everything faded back, this time it was and old style candle lit room. The walls were brown with stones and the light cast shadows on the columns supporting the ceiling. Spyk could be seen restless in his bed which was placed in the back of the room.

He began sweating; his face turned to a pale white his teeth began to turn jagged. He was becoming what he was to this day a true vampire, the first one to this day. He woke up panting heavily clutching his head in a vice grip.

“NO, this can’t, what is this, what is happening to me,” Spyk yelled painfully as guards entered the room.

“Sir we heard yelling is everything okay.”

“I’ve been curse by that man.”

“Sir about that man we know who he was”

“TELL ME WHO IS HE,” Spyk screaming in pain as he placed his hand over his failing heart. “He was Osai Killen, he is with the light realm army,” the guard replied to his dying master.

“OSAI,” bellowed Spyk as his chambers rattled from the scream.

Spyk raised fast to his feet fetching his armor and equipping it quickly. He reached for a chest which was lined with knives of all sorts. He picked up the first two and put them in holsters.

“Men when the final battle comes we will kill this Osai and make him suffer,” he manically razed.

Again the sight faded, John and Leon were terrified at what they had just witnessed. Spyk was not okay either he was trembling with fear. He was too scarred to look his friends in the eyes.

“This is the final one,” then you must choose who you wish to side with,” Omnen finally said.

This time the faded picture was placed above a battle field just enough to see who it was fighting. Spyk was in the center taking out the surrounding foes. He shot rays of blue, red, yellow, and green lights from his hand.

“For the dark realm,” he said as he took down another spell user.

Spyk, who was watching himself kill, looked in terror at the sight in which befell him. The other Spyk kill countless as he made his way to his target, Osai. He reared toward his foe knife in hand.

Osai saw the threat before it could kill him. He set a shield around him to protect from the knife. It did its job perfectly. Spyk frustrated with Osai, stretched out his hand and screamed, “ARAIKANAI,” where Osai once stood now an explosion took his place.

Pieces from Osai began to rain on the battle field, which John just recognized as Egypt. Spyk looked around at the pieces of his enemy and laughed at his weakness. Spyk wiped off the blood from his should as a golden bird Figure raised to the sky.

Something began to stir inside John. Like a bubble ready to pop. The golden bird opened its wings to reveal that is was part man. At that time red and gold light shot from John’s eyes. His mouth opened to shine the same light.


“No it has begun,” said Arai.

“No, that’s a yes it’s a good thing now he can help,” Omnen acknowledged.

The placed turned black again as John collapsed to the floor. Arai ran over to catch him. He as Arai placed him gently on to the ground he turned to Omnen. “I told you NO, if master Osai was to hear of this he would replace us,” Arai complained.

“Well I am willing to risk that,” he said now facing Spyk.

“What was that for,” Spyk raised smugly.

“Now which side do you choose, the side with your old master Phieno, or our side with Phoix,” asked Omnen.

“I choose, I choose, Phoix. He showed me mercy in later years and I should repay him. He walked over to John. “Phoix I will help you train in the ways of the old Psyics, and in later time you will see my full power and hopefully match it,” Spyk finished as he appeared back at the table in the school.

**************************************** ********************************

John’s mom moved to the drawing containing the feather cloak. The feather was now golden and shining brightly. She was in fear, “What is this a sign of.” She pulled the cloak out of the drawer and prepared for John’s arrival.

“He will want to hear of his past,” she said hugging the blanket tightly.

**************************************** ********************************

Spyk, Leon, and John all appeared back at the school table right when Spyk was doing role call. They looked at each other then back at the members. “Are you okay,” Desiree asked calmly. “Oh yeah sorry um you know lets all just go to our daily activities alright,” he said sitting back down.

“Guys I’m sorry I should have told you but I have never been able to trust anyone that much, I will tell you more just not here and not now, alright?” he asked. They both nodded and returned to sparring, wearily though.
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