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Re: SCARY STORIES...ooh...

Nice scary stories lemme think of one and Ill edit and post it

The following story is true and had happened to me. Bad grammmer and misspelled words will be involved
EDIT: Okay one time I was walking down my old dirt road with three or four friends you know laughing joking being friends. We started to do some Ding-Dong-Ditching you know ringing door bells and running away when they go to answer, anyways we did that to I'd say about six or seven houses. Messed around for a while and anyways we went home cause it was a sleep over and we kept hear knocking on my windows and doors all at the same time so we went outside sat for a little while and kept hearing the same knocking even when we were outside so we were like WTF ?!?!?! Because we where outside and no one was there and it kept knocking. So I'm thinking we encountered something spiritual. What do you guys think ? I'm still worried that it could still happen again. Ha Ha.

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