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Comparisons between Animal Farm and NL:

Snowball: Corbenk
Napoleon: The tyrannical moderators. We know who they are.
Squealer: Shino, or Freshgrease (whichever gives us the news of all those bad rules.
Old Major: 6N6
Jones: Tom (We all know he isn't really in control of NL anymore.)
Dogs that help Napoleon: Most of the mod staff.
Pincher: DarkAztek
Rebel Pigs: Aruko, and a couple others, which I can't think of atm. (If you can think of them please comment.)
Boxer: N/A atm
Clover: N/A atm
Mollie: Like all those good members who left. I wouldn't say they were spoiled though.
Benjamin: We have a lot of these guys. Ninja48, Jaxon, Miburo, LN, Balmung5000, etc.
Moses: Me in my early days
Sheep: The Idiot newbs who kiss the staff.
Changing of name from "Animal Farm" to "Manor Farm:" Narutolounge to forums@narutocentral.
Changing of rules: Changing of commandments

I know this is not a thread of epic lulz, but I must show my observations because I am bored.
"Nature loves to be hidden."

- Heraclitus

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