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Originally Posted by MrPwnzerz View Post
What? 9/10 of your post was you calling Shino out for handing out and infraction and having equally lewd stuff in his avatar and signature.

I wasn't implying you said that was the big deal, I just said I didn't think it was. There, you've made your post showing that you're still firmly attached to the idea that you're imcapable of being wrong. Now you can go make another unnecessary thread and try to articulate your way out of looking like a jackass.
Yeah, and I was pointing out the irony in that. When someone says "lol no squiggly penis drawings, that's inappropriate" when he has two seperate pictures of cartoon sex in every single one of his posts, that's fucking ironic. Saying something is ironic isn't the same as saying it's beyond shino's powers as a admin or whatever the shit you thought I was saying. It's not a particularly hard concept to grasp.

And all I was saying was that no one ever once implied that it was a big deal, so you saying it wasn't was pretty silly. Again, easy shit here.

And what? I never once implied that I wasn't incapable of being wrong. No one even tried to prove me wrong. Nice try anyway though, champ. ^^b

Edit: Oh shit, field. You totally called that. XD Not that I was expecting a reasonable response either or anything...

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