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Re: Fight Teh Powa Organization

FG, one such as yourself could fight against the powar without being an emo. For, you see, being a mod does not make you 'teh powar.' This is just a misconception, good sir. So you could masquerade as a fascist while secretly supporting the organization. Just something to consider. : )

Also, fighting teh powar! has nothing to do with pent up angst. It does, however, have everything to do with great justice.

Also, you heard it straight from a mod's mouth: Making people cry via 'pissing them off' leads to bannings. Which is the exact opposite of justice. Fuck that fascist noise! FIGHT TEH FUCKING POWAR!

Edit: Also, I see where you're trying to go with the "why get shot" and "you might get laid" things. Protip: That's some flawed assumptions, I'd recommend not pursuing those any further. ; )

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