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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction


Zomari was able to make some shell like protection for Byakuya’s attack so avoided a fatal wound.

Zomari is angry and makes his counterattack

but it’s easy to fend off

Zomari suddenly changes his attitude and begs for his life

he is easily cut down

meanwhile Mayuri sama has collapsed

That’s all til next week.

here are the pics which confirm the spoiler besides mh saying it.

The second pic with zomari screaming he is saying "BANZAI BANZAI BANZAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" which really means something like hooray but the other meaning is "may you live 10 thousand years" so the this is how he was saying it.


So he was wishing that aizen lives for a long time like a blessing,the last pic with mayuri down he was just saying"huff hufff" lol basically breathing heavy.

I think on one of the other pics zomari was alos begging for his life then byakuya said something like "the espada who is the fastest cries " before slashing him up.

Lol zomari survived senbansakura kageyoshi just to be chopped up later.

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