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Re: OMG!!!!

Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
There's only 6 real characters in it. That's why.

Holy shit. Prepare to hate your Christmas gift.
I love classic books.

RedNeckBoy....can't you just go buy those books yourself. To your parents and loved ones, finding "1984 and The Scarlet Letter" on the list is like "score!!! I don't have to spend more than $5 on a gift for this kid AND he's reading to boot!!!!" See...parents, atleast those I have seen, base Christmas joy in forms of quantity instead of quality. Why not go for something bigger and use your school library for a change.
1. I don't have a job yet.
2. My school library does not carry Crime and Punishment. Also there is always something rewarding about owning the book because you can write in it and record observations.
3. I don't really want much right now for Christmas. I guess I could donate to charity, but my mom owes me money anyways, which I was going to donate.

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