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Re: Fight Teh Powa Organization

Originally Posted by sonorus View Post
So, I propose some shit for us to cover.

Fieldscarecrow was b& due to aids because of his Pygmies thread. He claimed there were "small African peoplz". A black guy reported this, and the staff thought it was racist, so the banned him. NR17 was going to ban him for flaming, but gave him racism instead. (all directly from NR17, I have the convo screen caped.

Now, normally I'd agree, but this is not a race thing. Pygmies are, by definition, small African people. They are people whose average adult height is 4 '11 and are form africa.

What is next, saying kits is black is a ban? Asking about Jews is racist? (And NO, "Jew" is not derogatory, it IS the correct term.) This is getting fucking ridiculous.
I agree. Fucking ridiculous.

Also, thanks for clarifying that. I thought that maybe they were being all crybaby about that shit because of the aids part, despite the fact that there is an aids problem in Africa. You know, where those little guys live. So I don't see how that'd be racist either...At the most it's just being apathetic towards the suffering of others, and last I checked not giving a shit about everyone else's problems wasn't against the rules.

If it's really just because he called described pygmies by the fucking definition of pygmy though, then wow, even more stupid. Good find. /salute

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