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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Wadda hell is happening here? Mayuri in prone position before Szayel? The hell. That guy's got lots of vital organs in reserve in his pocket. I predict: This is nothing more than a ruse so he can gauge his opponent's abilities. Why? Because:
1. Mayuri's pretty slow, he's yet to show any prowess in Shunpo. So he's probably a defensive fighter, letting his opponent come at him and then counter.
2. He hasn't released his sword yet. He's not even holding it.
So, as I was saying, at the crucial moment, he'll get up with the usual "Kukuku" laugh and inject himself with the usual vial of "Insta-grow, your vital organs in a bottle" and then let Konjiki Aishisougi Jizou have his way with Szayel. Probably gobble him up or what not. But then, the madman's got a new costume... He's probably got different tricks cuz he's got different pockets, ku ku ku...
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