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Re: Proof that god does not exist.

Proof 1: If God were omnipotent, he would be able to create fire without combusting flammable gas. But the laws of physics say that fire cannot exist without a source. If God were omnipotent, he would be able to make an atom not move at all but still have a temperature above absolute zero. The laws of physics say this is impossible, therefore, God cannot do that. The laws of math say that four is divisable by two. If God were omnipotent, he'd be able to change that. But it is impossible to change a number from being even to odd without changing the value of the number. Also, you cannot be drinking and not be drinking at the same time. Not even God can do that. Therefore, God is not omnipotent. Therefore, God does not exist.
How do you know God cannot do these things? First of all you have to think above the laws of physics. If God created these laws then does he not have the ability to brake them, whether or not we understand how? Second of all I can make 4 not divisible by 2, it would just take a lot of self-reflection time. Reality is in your brain.

Proof 2: The story of Jesus has overwhelming similarities to the story of Horus from Egyptian mythology. If you read the book titled "The Jesus papers", you will see incontrovertable proof that Jesus was rescued from the cross and was still alive in 40 AD. It is likely that afterwards, those who rescued him forged the gospels to create a false religion based on the story of Horus.
This is not proof. This is a terrible assumption.

Proof 3: Spirits cannot exist due to the following law of physics:

All things are composed of matter or energy. If something is not matter or energy, it is an empty space in the universe. Spirits are supposed to be made of neither matter or energy. Therefore they defy the laws of physics. If something defies the laws of physics, it is impossible. If something is impossible, it cannot exist.
You do know that the laws of physics aren't really proven to work everywhere? In fact they aren't even proven to work every time here on earth.

Again, as said above, God cannot be proven nor disproven.
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