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go can do all the things you said and you have no proof that laws of physics are crap god cando anything he wants go ask your physics how the world was created or how the adam and eve were alive and who created them please don't say monkeys because thats bullshit.
The Earth was created by space debris colliding with each other and forming a rough sphere. Now, the argument here would be, "But if all of that clumped together, why are we not some deformed blob?" Well, the pre-planet blob was in orbit around our sun, which was a newly formed star. The excess star matter is what swirled around our solar system and started to make the other pre-planets. As our pre-planet spun around, things evened out. It's much like rough rocks at the bottom of the ocean. At some point in time those rocks were bigger and rougher, but from the repeated motion of the ocean going over them they shrank and smoothed over. That's how the Earth was able to get its shape. Yes, physics played a role in the Earth's creation, including the material flying through space due to gravity and the explosion from the star.

As for Adam and Eve, is there any proof that they existed in Eden? Not that I've heard of. However, I have heard of a wonderful theory called "evolution" and "natural selection." Contrary to what many people believe, evolution does not mean that people evolved from monkeys. No, that's now how it happened. Humans evolved from a primitive primate that shares the same ancestry as modern apes, monkeys, etc. That doesn't mean we evolved from monkeys. In fact, one way to put it is that we evolved alongside monkeys for an extended period of time, but because of natural selection we evolved "faster" than they did. Another possibility is that monkeys didn't need to change, unlike humans. If you introduced a group of primates, all of the same species, in a new habitat, they would either adapt or die. That's natural selection. That explains how humans came to be, or at least that's the explanation I find more believable.
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