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yeah that whole thing with earth being created by space particals bs i don't believe it i believe god created the world how would you describe the plaques that took place in egypt when the jewish ppl were enslaved huh another reatrted theory from soem half assed scientist.
And I think that the plagues and the like were all a load of bullshit. It's all about a person's beliefs. I believe that the universe was created by the Big Bang, I believe that our solar system was created in the way that I described, and I believe that humans evolved in the manner that I described. You believe in your religion, and that's your right to do so.

Also, didn't the plagues kick in when the Jews tried to leave and the pharaoh said, "Fuck off and get back to work," and not when the Jews were actually enslaved? Also, why do you call theories you don't believe in retarded and the scientists who came up with them half-assed? Alright, I can play that came: All religions are retarded because people follow them blindly and will do anything if the figurehead (pope, rabbi, etc.) tells them to. The authors of the Torah, Koran, and the Bible are all half-assed morons because anyone can write what they want on a piece of paper, not what is true.
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