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Re: Dark Plague

Sasuke stood there, a little fatigued from having used 'that' twice against Itachi, but he felt confident he'd killed Itachi once and for all.

"You're finally dead." Sasuke said lightly, looking around and noticing the destruction left behind from 'that'.

"This isn't the power I expected from you, Sasuke." Itachi said, standing up slowly, a bit wobbly.

" can you still be alive after that?!" Sasuke asked, very surprised.

"What?" Mamori asked, looking at Neji.

"Who is she?" Neji asked, very curiously.

"She is an Akatsuki member." Mamori said.

"I know that!" Neji said, a bit irritated.

"Neji....she is a Hyuuga, just like you and Hinata." Kakashi said.

"Why would a Hyuuga join such an organization?" Neji asked.

"We can discuss that at a later time." Kakashi said.

"......" Neji thought to himself.

Itachi pulled himself back up.

"I hadn't planned on you being this strong, however, this is not your power." Itachi said.

"It doesn't matter. As long as I kill you." Sasuke said as he lifted his arm up in the air again. Itachi suddenly rushed at Sasuke and in the midst of this rush, with incredible speed, used hand seals to form fire around his hands, and barraged Sasuke with flaming taijutsu strikes, which pounded Sasuke physically, and burned.

"Gaahh!" Sasuke yelled out, as he was being pushed back and finally hit the ground in agonizing pain.

"Sasuke, I don't plan on killing you here." Itachi said, noticing that Sasuke's wounds began healing themselves.

"That's perfect, because I don't plan on being killed!" Sasuke said, as he quickly drew his sword, soaked in Chidori, and pierced through Itachi's abdomen. Itachi began bleeding, and hit the ground, as Sasuke drew back his Chidori sword.

"Not, yet. I'm not through with you." Sasuke said, as the tip of his thumb, formed some seals, and hit the ground with his hand, using a summon. "Summoning jutsu!" Sasuke said, as a rather wide and large cloud of smoke appeared before Itachi, making Sasuke disappear. When the smoke settled, Itachi looked way up and saw Sasuke up top, standing on a rather huge green snake. It resembled Manda, however, it was green, and a bit larger than Manda.

"A snake?" Itachi asked, as he tried to stand up.

"What the hell do YOU want?" The snake asked in a rude manner.

"We're going to finish something started long ago." Sasuke said.

"Who is this brat infront of me?" The snake asked Sasuke.

"Your next meal." Sasuke said.

"You must take me for some sort of fool. I'm not an idiot! I'm not Manda!" The snake said angrily.

"Just do this, OK? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be ruling the snakes." Sasuke said.

"You'd better prepare 200 sacrifices when I'm done!" The snake said.

"Hehe. Do you really think an over grown snake will kill me?" Itachi asked, a bit amused.

"You talk too much." Sasuke said, as the snake rushed it's tail towards Itachi and slammed against the ground, which Itachi quickly dodged, and left the ground a broken up mess.

"Trap him you brat!" The snake yelled at Sasuke, as Sasuke caught Itachi with a paralyzing genjutsu.

"Oh my." Itachi said, as he could barely move. The genjutsu was meant for full paralysis, but Itachi was a master with genjutsu, and could still move.

The large snake rushed it's head towards the slightly paralyzed Itachi, who had a difficult time moving at full speed. It opened it's jaws, revealing a huge mouth. At this point in time, Itachi actually was concerned.

"Shit!" Itachi said, as the snake chomped down on Itachi's body.

"I've been cheated!" The snake said, as tiny crows (compared to the snake) flew out from around the snake's mouth and jaws.

"Tch! Where did he go?" Sasuke wondered.

Team Kakashi were close, not exactly there, but close enough to notice a big ass green snake, and Sasuke on top of it. Everyone but Mamori had large :O expressions on their faces.

"S...Sasuke, summoned that?" Naruto asked.

"It would seem so." Mamori said. "It's size is laughable, but whatever. Shall we go?" Mamori asked.

"There!" The snake shouted, as it spotted Itachi doing something on the ground. Sasuke seemed a bit alarmed, because he recognized those hand seals, they were summoning seals. Suddenly, another rather large smoke of cloud surrounded Itachi, as Sasuke and this new leading snake stood back.

"This was unexpected." Sasuke said, as the smoke cleared, and he saw Itachi on top of a huge black raven. The raven was nearly bitch black, with beautiful wings and a very wide wing span. It's beak looked ridiculously sharp, as did it's talons, and for some reason, it had Sharingan eyes.

"You need assistance against him, master?" The raven asked.

"For now." Itachi said.

"Very well." The raven said, as it began flapping it's wings, lifting itself up off the ground, and creating huge gusts of winds, which nearly sent Sasuke flying off of his snake summon.

"INCREDIBLE!" Lee shouted, as they all saw Itachi on a huge raven.

"I hope Sasuke knows what he's doing." Kakashi said.

Naruto was just amazing with what he was seeing, as was Sakura.

"What exactly do we plan on doing once we arrive there? It seems like a dangerous situation." Mamori asked.

"For now we'll watch the fight. Us rushing in there may result in our deaths." Kakashi said. Suddenly a huge earthquake occured, or was it?

"I think we should head back!" Neji said. "Even at this distance, things may get too dangerous!"

"Sasuke may need our help." Naruto said with confidence, as he bit the tip of his thumb and was about to summon Gamabunta to battle.

"Naruto, don't!" Kakashi said, as he stopped Naruto.

"But why?!" Naruto asked.

"This is Sasuke's battle." Kakashi said.

"That's bullshit! Sasuke might need our help!" Naruto shouted.

"We'll help if he really needs it. Right now, things are looking in his favor." Kakashi said, as he looked on.

Another quake hit the area near them, as they saw Itachi's raven up in the air, struggling to shake off Sasuke's large snake. It had it's coils wrapped around the raven's body, but not wings, and had it's fangs bitten into the raven's wing. At the same time, Sasuke and Itachi were using katon jutsus, dueling against one another up there. And suddenly both summons crashed to the ground. The weight of the snake was too much for the raven to handle in the air. However, both Itachi and the raven puffed away into smaller ravens and the ravens reassembled at another location.

"Why have you summoned me against something like that?" The raven asked Itachi.

"It's time you fought in a major battle. I can't keep summoning her everytime." Itachi said.
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