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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Ultra quick trans of the himajin spoiler by spacecat @ B.A.

completely different to last week
Mayuri overwhelms Szayel
Szayel: wh…what the hell is with this guy!?
Szayel is trampled on by Ashisogi Jizō
The end page comes after his line:
Szayel: shitttttttttttt
ズ   ン
zun (sound effect)
お わ り

Translation of the pics by pocketmofo @ B.A.

The pics are a bit difficult to read, but basically Mayuri was faking the whole spitting up blood thing (the picture with his tongue sticking out is him saying "Yeah right!/Got ya!")

In the next picture Mayuri explains how he managed to prepare his body before coming to fight Zael (text is a bit too blurry). Zael then says that there's no way he would have had the time to perform that sort of feat since Zael had been fighting Renji and Ishida for less than an hour...Mayuri then responds that the reason he is there is because he was able to do that.

Then Zael, in the next picture shown, asks Mayuri what the hell is wrong with his face and why Mayuri seems to be totally ignoring everything he's saying.

Then Mayuri whips out the Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou and Zael gets crushed.

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