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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
Weird... The medium level espada are being fucked over by the captain class. Ichigo, I would say, was only a little bit better than Grimmjaw, who was #6, right? He and Kuchiki were about on the same level too. However, Ichigo got STOMPED by the #4, right? I wonder how the captains will fare against numeros ranked 4 and up.

(Btw, won't he be coming back from that holding cell place relatively soon?)
yea im surprised hes not back already.. i expected him to show up when nell was beating noitora down, for some reason i am thinking his gonna interrupt kenpachi and they will fight instead, forcing ken into bankai but he still loses but puts up an okay fight, ken and noitora's battle should be fairly close, both seem to have similair battle tactics and skills.

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