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Re: Naruto 382 Prediction

jiraiya will make some big ass jutsu next chapter take another body out or 2 then before he goes he will reveal who pain is jiraiya found out who pain really is,took out 2 bodiesand has 4 left so it's 4 on 1 now g'luck j-man he will need it at least his death isn't in vain he did lot's of things.

Showed us his full power ,killed 3 pains for about 2 mins,showed us his kick ass katon,showed us his one hit ko genjutsu,killed another 2 bodies for good,and sent back one of those bodies to tsunade along with big info,and now is about to tell us who or what pain really is,and beat konan with in 2 seconds lol.

p.s to the guy above he didn't lose his throat lmaooo he just said my throat how can he say that if he lost his throat lol.

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