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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
When has Sasuke ever been shown to use clones?
I wasn't neccessarilly talking about Sasuke using clones, but i was talking mainly about Oro's sheading ability. Like when he lost an arm to 3 tailed Naruto, sheaded his skin, and had his arm back.

Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
Hm. I kind of have to disagree there. Although Sasuke's Sharingan will eventually be more than Itachi's, which automatically eventually makes it better than Kakashi's, right now, Sasuke hasn't shown anything, Sharingan wise, that Kakashi can't do himself.
I don't remember Kakashi using any Genjutsus or talking about seeing the color of chakra.

Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
The outlasting part is truth, but Oro is weak against genjutsu, especially Sharingan genjutsu. Let's hope Kakashi can take advantage of that.
Yeah, but like i said before, i don't think we have seen Kakashi use any Genjutsus yet.
Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
Oro doesn't use genjutsu. Also, I really doubt Sakura's strength would be a factor against Sasuke at all. I can imagine Shika binding Sasuke in place while Sakura rushes him to go for an OHKO punch, but Sasuke is so fast that he can just go CS2 and over power Shika and his shadow binds. Sakura's strength may come in handy against Oro, though, since Tsunade was able to beat the living daylights out of him with pure taijutsu.
Oro uses that kind of killing intent that he used in the Forest of Death, but not Genjutsu for, but Sasuke. As for the rest of this comment, that was kind of what i was trying to say. You must have misunderstood it or i didn't make it clear. Here is what i said:" Her strength will only get her so far with Sasuke and Oro's abilities to trick with genjutsu and clones." In other words, i was kind of saying that Sakura's strength can only do a little to effect the fight or nothing at all.
Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
Sure about that? Remember that Oro is extremely difficult to kill and is quite durable. He can take a large beating. It's possible that Oro can just begin his healing process after Gai busts out his gates. Or he'll just regenerate or pull his body back together like he's done before. I don't see Gai's taijutsu as too much of a threat, but more of a distraction so Kakashi can use strong ninjutsu, or MS.
That last part. With Gai's level of Taijutsu and the upgrade from all the gates, i believe that he could do more than be a distraction. With his speed with all the gates released, i believe that he could match Oro's speed. As for his strength, with the gates released, i think his strength would be close to Tsunade's strength. We all saw how effective Tsunades's strength was againist Oro.

With all this stuff from Oro, combined with Kakashi, Kakashi's jutsu and Sharingan/MS, and help from Asuma, i think they could do it.

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