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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by BigSmoke View Post
Finally we have Jesus, the most recent of the messiahs, born of Virgin Mary on Dec. 25th, his birth was announced by a star in the east, which three kings followed to locate Mary, he was a child teacher at 12 and at 30 he was baptised by John the Baptist and then began his ministry. Jesus had 12 desciples which traveled and performed miracles such as healing the sick, walking on water, and raising the dead. He was also known as the "Kind of Kings," "Son of God," "Light of the World," "Alpha and Omega," "Lamb of God," and many others. After being betrayed by his disciple Judis he was crucified, placed in a tomb for 3 days, and then resurrected."

Sound familiar? Why the similar characteristics? Some think it has to do with astrology and that along with historical texts validates this theory.

So what can you say?
What can I say? He wasn't born on December 25th. He wasn't born in a barn either...From what I've seen astrologically the star that would have been in the sky around the A.D. 1 would have been in place around April.

Originally Posted by Kiba_is_mine View Post
Lord Buddha was a real person...

You have to remember not all of these key names in history were self-proclaimed gods. And considering most of the names of people where born and lived year before Jesus himself, I sincerely doubt that there will be any written records of these people. You also have to remember, the Bible wasn't written until years and years after Jesus was here.

In Ancient Egypt (I am sure you know this) the King/Pharaoh was considered to be a living god by his people. And was given that title - Horus comes up in Ancient Egyptian his story, he is the son of the last Pharaoh (his Uncle kills his father), and defeats his Uncle to gain title to the throne - and becomes King and the living representative god on Earth. The Ancient Egyptians believed that all of the Pharaohs were descendants of Horus himself.

Also these claims are not "blasphemous" as we are not all Christians....just a little reminder. and that just you can't find one name doesn't mean the others are not legit.
Not true. The Bible as we know it was put TOGETHER through a long set of trials determined at the Council of Nicea. The books themselves were written over a period of close to 2,000 years, more accurate estimates range from 1,400 to 1,800 years. The first five books of the Bible, the Jewish Torah and also known as the Pentateuch, were written during a forty year period from 1450 B.C. to 1410 B.C - One thousand, four hundred and eleven years before Christ. The latest any book can be dated to, from my understanding, is around 95 A.D. which is Revelations written by the Apostle Paul.

You also forgot Issa from the Islamic beliefs. He was, from my understanding, a great prophet who was also known by a Hebrew name: Jesus.

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