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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by katonha View Post
We honestly don't know how fast Minato is, or if he even has wind nature chakra. Both of them are unknown for the most part, so you can't say who would win yet.
we do know how fast he is read kakashi gaiden he took out armies in seconds and his sushinn is unsurpassed minato's specialty was speed damn it read the kage bio's everyone of them had their own specialty.

Shodaime-herculean strength,mokuton ninjutsu

Nidaime-unsurpassed level of using water ninjutsu,and kinjutsu to fight

Sandaime-knowledge of over 1000 jutsu and new all the jutsu in konoha,also was praised as god of shinobi

Yondaime- speed and his rasengan,was the fastest shinboi in konoha and the greatest ever produced his sushinn gave him the nickname konoha's yellow flash he also had thunder god jutsu which let him travel any distance in a matter of seconds and defeated kyuubi by sealing it in his son naruto.

Godaime-medical ninjutsu user unsurpassed,herculean strength and a sannin.

Minato was just that damn good armies were forced to retreat on sighting don't give me rank crap it doesn't matter even it was 3 kages it is all about his insane speed that cannot be tracked by anyone he can easily take out all 6 at once without doing much by the time pain notices he will be joinging jiraiya.
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