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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Relax, Kakashi =)
We know Minato was very fast, and we know he can take out fodder nins at any given time in seconds, but we do not know how would he fare against a shinobi of much higher level.
Minato is not immortal. He can die as well.

I don't like speculating anything before I know full abilities of both shinobi who are fighting.
The same thing with me. That was kind of what i was trying to say about not seeing their full abilities. That is kind of why i always defend people who full power we haven't seen, like Kisame for example. Yeah Minato took out those minor shinobi in Kakashi Gaiden, but besides that, we never saw him go up againist anyone stronger. We don't know how it would turn out if Minato went up againist Pain.

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