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Re: The Official Music Talk Discussion v.1 [see first post]

Originally Posted by fieldscarcrow View Post
I decided not to read that, and to tell you to watch "The something something of pantera" and I watched another metal documentary that said grunge kinda knocked metal on its ass.
LOL, a kid who wasn't even alive when this was happening telling me about the music I was listening to when I was a teen. That's rich. You can watch all the documentaries you want about music, but fact is, I was actively listening to music and going to concerts and trading tapes with people when this was going on. Just because some Pantera fanboy made a film claiming they did all this shit doesn't make it true. Maybe if you did read my response you would have seen the part where I said that all Grunge did was kill hair metal, not Metal in general. Quick example, the same time Grunge was taking off, Metallica released their most successful album ever. You can't save what never died, simple as that.
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