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Re: Fight Teh Power Organization!!

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Yeah, I knew it too, I just had nothing better to do at the time. = /

Also, word.

Also also, I was driving home from a tournament today and got stuck in traffic because there was like a million douchebags shopping or some shit. So I started thinking of this awesome fanfic (Oxymoron?) thinger where a super hardcore intolerant-against non-white/asian/everyotherraceexceptblackpeople omgfascist (S.H.I.N.O.; for simplicity's sake) tries to kill freedom and keep the black man down using his magical pen (Which is one of fifteen magical pens that exists in the world; his is the fifteenth one.).

And it would be up to a rag-tag group of badasses to stop him. Many battles would take place against S.H.I.N.O.'s henchmen and followers; all of whom would have enhanced evil fascist abilities due to digesting the magic ink from S.H.I.N.O.'s PEN15 (And the greater henchmen have even greater abilities because the absorbed the ink anally, which makes the evil fascist ink more potent due to greater absorption rates). They'd also kill some kid because they saw him raping dogs as they were on route to fascist HQ. It would end in an truly epic battle where all of the heroes combine their strength to sever S.H.I.N.O's PEN15 from his deadly grip, allowing the hero named Jaxon to combine all fifteen magic pens to create a massive penOr (Or pen original; the original magic pen.) that would explode into the evil fascist headquarters and crush all freedom hating scum to dust, for great justice.

Many heroes would die in the last battle and along the way. But at the very end the survivors would collect all seven dragon balls and wish everyone back to life except S.H.I.N.O. and that dog raping kid. Then everyone would bang hot chicks to celebrate. Even the reformed fascist Greasemonkey, though he'd have to pay them first.

I already gave away the ending, so I'm not going to write that one now. Just thought I'd share. >.>

Edit: Also, any likeness to anyone is completely coincidental, of course.
Haha. It is a good thing you put that edit in. Otherwise you wouldn't get to bang the hot chicks in the end...
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