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Reasons Why I like the FOllowing Characters:

#1 Hinata!! I love her she is so cool! Her sweetness her Byakugan her goal to change her self! She is so inspiring! I love her!!
2.Sakura- Shes strong,Funny,Loud! Has 2 Personalities!^^Smart and a fast learner!^^
3.Naruto- Yes!^^Main Character!He is Funny,Exciting,Strong,Inspiring!^^He also has a good attitude in a way!^^
4.Neji- Yup!^^Byakugan Rules! He is strong,smart and cool!^^ He is amazing in his abilities!
5.Shikamaru- Yes Smart and Lazy!^^Nice!^^Also very cool abilities and strategies!^^
6.Shino- Mysterious,likes Insects and Cool!^^Very nice Attacks!^^Bugs Rule!^^
7.Tsunade- Yes the 5TH!^^Strong,Beautiful,Smart,Cool and Resourceful!^^Shes one of the best characters ever!^^Also summons A Gaint Slug Katsuya!^^
8.Itachi-Yes!^^100 times better than sasuke!^^Cool and Strong!^^Amazing Sharingan!
9.Kiba- yes!^^Fast,Energetic,Fun and Cool!^^Also Loud!^^Also kind to Animals!^^
10.Ten-Ten- Yes!^^I like her cause shes Fun,Cool and Great with Projectiles!^^Which is cool!Her Weapons are awesome!^^
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