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Re: Zero Punctuation FC

Well, I guess it just sounds that his attacks on Mario are personal. I can't blame him, but I honestly don't like it when he swears with anything other than "twat" or other british monty-python terminology. He did a lot of that with mario, using swears that are overused in Hollywood movies and the army. The only time I liked it was with the Guitar hero review when he complained about Clive Winston, and another when he called his character in Mass Effect an ugly motherfucker. Other than those two moments, swearing pretty much made a bad impression on me, and made him sound unprofessional.

In other reviews he directed his criticisms on certain uncomfortable and pointless features/gameplay/events. But he usually constructed his arguments about each one in a manner that you can imagine the flaw as if you're playing the game. I couldn't get the feel of his arguments in the review of mario, because he's criticising it in a manner that he thinks we've played the game and know exactly what he's talking about. He barely introduced us to the basics of the new mario's concepts and gameplay, and then instantly started shoveling his assumingly profound observations in the audience's face.

That review is far from being one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, it's the one I like least out of all the reviews he's ever done.
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