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The Offical Mangkeyou Sharingan thread.

Mods sorry if this is a dupe of another i couldn't find any so please don't infract me for it thx.

Now i have seen some threads with topic's not concerning the sharingan and when sharingan is brought up people start to say there are different abilities and forms

Well now i am here to ask wtf are you guys talking about lol seriously.

Itachi's mks is the only real mks that all the uchiha's who unlock it get those powers. kakashi isn't an uchiha so that's why his is most likely different every thread i go into that has something with sharingan in it i see some kid's making shit up like there are different kinds of mks were do you people get this from.

Itachi read in the uchiha scroll how to attain the mks which means the scroll was talking about the mks itachi has since his eye abilities are like that. Kakashi isn't from the uchiha clan which is why his mks is a bit different looking and in terms of ability notice HOW HE ONLY HAS ONE ABILITY TO IT.

Next i see some new kid syaing oh "itachi has this kakashi has this madara has this what do you think sasuke will have lol"

Answer: He will attain the same ability like itachi has and if madara has the mks you for sure know his shit is the same because he was the creator of the clan. until there is any proof given to even hint that all uchiha's can have different mks ability's and different forms why the hell is it even mentioned you have threads that can talk about naruto and sharingan is brought up and you have like 20 pages about sharingan and mks and the difference in looks or abilities.

So i made this one if you want to talk about it just post the opinions and other findings here so instead of wasting thread space and spamming it you can put it in here.

P.s. also to the staff guys if this thread has been made before lock this shit down lol but if it hasn't perhaps you can sticky it.

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