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Re: VS thread

Hmmmmmm..... Kakashi as sixth? I'm not sure. You see in the real theory they assume the Hokage should be the strongest shinobi in the village. But Kakashi is not really that strong (Well maybe: Seeing his new Mankegyou Sharingan against Deidara and properly stronger Raikiri) but still he still doesn't really shine in power, I say he is like hybrid person. And besides he will look gay in kage costume (I dunno why Tsunade is not wearing it...made her look older? lol). And of course Naruto will be Hokage one day but...lemee tell you big secret...

He will become Hokage just before he dies...yes Naruto fans he will die one day...because he is still human...and he smiles while he dies...saying 'The wish i wanted...has granted, I'm Hokage'...and every1 cries and we all get this freezing moment and dunno what to do....ok i went too far >.>

Shuuuunnn the non-believers...shuuuuuuunnnnn
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