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Re: The secret of Akatsuki

Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
Shrike, Naruto is based on Japanese folklore and mythology. If you didn't even fucking read what he wrote, then don't FUCKING POST. He's making comparisons or can you not see that?

Aka is really odd in the sense that their name means "dawn" or "daybreak" in Japanese. That is fairly innocent and I wonder if that somehow connects to the story of the gods that you mentioned, DGLG.
You should also read what I wrote again.
I said that I will read it later, meaning it's wroth reading and that I respect the theory. I repped the man.
But I said that the chances of it being true are near zero, since there has been many speculations on the origins of the idea of Akatsuki as a whole, and none was proven true. Kishimoto wouldn't write of something so obvious, since the Japanese themselves would recognize this instantly.

Either way, I wouldn't have expected you to have read those theories since I read this post. If you did, you would think the same I did.
It's not hard to see Dawn or Daybreak bring something new, and Akatsuki want to bring a new era to the shinobi world.
Of course, it could be wrong. But it is most likely.

I shouldn't have posted that, but I just felt like it then. So, who cares now.

One more thing DA - you only answer to posts which have something you do not like, I never saw you posting in a thread and agreeing with people. If you came in a thread and discuss stuff in a more friendly way, I would respect that more.
While I respect your intelligence and debating skills (you are on top here on NL), you attitude can be something I do mind.
Not that it will change anything, but you should know other opinions.
Having said:"Shrike, your post was meaningless, try to do that again." instead of :"DON'T FUCKING POST" makes a difference. Not that you know my posts either.

And now, I have read it all.

I must say that the start was interesting, I didn't know all of that. Pain fits the god figure, but not the rest of the members.
Zetsu was maybe the basic idea, but he is not the same. It is interesting that the Kami you mentioned had similar jobs to Zetsu's.
Anyhow, that 'God' feeling of Pain has faded 21 chapter ago. Which is too bad.
You have a god of sea in every mythology, so saying it's Kisame would be saying it's Poseidon.
Hidan has nothing to do with a blood drinking monster.

Kishimoto was mostly original there. Let's take Hidan for example. The idea of him came from the western cultures and beliefs. He is a sadomasochist zealot who's faith is all he has or he wants and he uses it as he sees fit. He is a mix of inquisitor, and a voodoo priest.

Kakuzu the same originality. I never came across anything which would imply Kakuzu's character or abilities. Too bad his character was handled that badly though.

Pain is from the Hidden Rain, it's has to do with water naturally. But not with an ocean. I already discussed this one, believing Pain will come from the sea with great army, and that it will be Naruto who will stop their ships with a storm (swirl), and I thought Naruto was Uzumaki because of that.
I was wrong.

Kishimoto did not make all characters according to those gods, because he couldn't implement them all into the story and it would be easy to figure Akatsuki out if they were the same as those gods.

Did you know that there are names in Japanese godhood such as "Hiruko" (Sasori's puppet), Ebisu (Ebisu sensei), Inari (the kid with a crossbow)?
That doesn't mean they share the same role in Naruto as they do in mythology.


Kishimoto is deceptive. He wants us to believe some things so he could make us surprised with a good twist, and that is why we are all reading Naruto still.

Anyway, I liked the text and it served me as a good source of information since I didn't know some things.
Good job, DGLG.

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