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Orochimaru FC

First off I looked for Orochimaru FC and found none that were open so don't troll the forums and say its closed. Thanks
WELCOME to the Orochimaru Empire

My people, sons and daughters of Otogakure, for many years we have a been a broken nation, oppressed, conquered and abused by those we sought to escape.2 years ago I asked for time and that time was granted by you. The strength in my arms. The holders of my dreams. Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus the world has ever seen. An exodus for freedom. Otogakure became that freedom. In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength and I have rebuilt our pride. On this day we stand united once more.


This Empire (FC) is dedicated to Orochimaru and those who serve him. As currently 'dead' member of the akatsuki I guess. I see that many people like Orochimaru, even if he is 'dead'. So we have that to look forward to.
The Orochimaru Empire is comprised of multiple ranks. The first three to sign up are automatically Co-owners. Under descretion of course. The rest are divided up into categories.

Highest to Lowest Ranks:


1.Zatch Bell_lover

Sound 5 nin=


The point is, this Empire is meant for Orochimaru and his dream.
Anyone may join. Unless otherwise determined because of out of FC behavior.

Same as NL rules.
Have FUN.

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