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Sasuke's hidden motive: is he good or bad

Alright, from the spoiler about the newest chapter: the bout between Sasuke and itachi takes a halt as Sasuke askes his question and recieves a interesting answer. In that chapter Sasuke reveals what was written in the tome underneath the Uchiha temple in part one. Itachi reveals some information about the massacre, but the interesting bit is that his statement about only appearing nice to Ssauke when they were young (long before the massacre) as only a means to measure Sasuke's "capacity." He even goes to imply that him and Madara were working together and knew that the Uchiha clan would be killed..... but Sasuke wasn't. So from that we all know that Sasuke set out to avenge his clan and kill Itachi because he saw Itachi as the one that killed everyone. From there he leaves konoha, Naruto and such. Well in the battle in part one, he mentions that it is too late when Naruto tried to reach him in the battle. We all took that to mean that Sasuke meant it was too late for Naruto to change Sasuke's mind about it all since he sought power and left to go to Oro for more power faster. Well he spared him there as to not gain the MS the way Itachi spoke up and the way we all thought he learned more in the temple.
Now for part two, in part two we see that Sasuke at first attempted to kill Naruto because he was in the way at the Oro hideout. He said that he broken the ties that Naruto was trying to mend. So it was a thought that Sasuke had truely turned dark and bad. Then we saw that Sasuke finally realizes what was helping Naruto in their battle from part one when he surpress the Kyuubi inside Naruto. From those words from thekyuubi abotu Madara, Sasuke mentions that why should he know about that guy (obviously he did though... just not the connection). Then we see that Sasuke kills oro and moves on to hunt Itachi. In the mist he attacks Naruto again without hessitation. We all see that he wants to kill Itachi, but think it is just for the reason of revenge. As they meet now, we see that Sasuke also wanted to ask another question because he has another goal as well. He wants to know who is the other MS user that his brother spoke of when they were younger. Assuming that he wants to kill the person soo.

So here the theory: Since Sasuke learned in part one (revealed now though) that the Sharingan MS is used to control the Kyuubi, and that he has to kill his best friend to obtain it.... Sasuke's leaving Konoha may have had more to it than just revenege. yes on the surface he left to gain power and kill itachi - which is a good enough reason alone. But his fight with Naruto showed to him and Naruto had more to him than he had first realised, but didn't know what it was. In part two, he learns of the kyuubi being in Nrauto all that time. Which would have led to him doing to things. he first was pushing Naruto away to somewhat protect him since he didn't want to kill him. So cut him as the best friend in order to save his life somewhat. In part two, he then attempts to be as though he would kill him, but really may have been trying to send a message to Naruto to leave him alone because he was persuing people that have the ability to control the kyuubi and thus he would die and have a fate worst than death. So attacking him again (even though it was a bushin) would have been a way of leaving a message to say leave me alone again but for a different reason (of course Naruto wouldn't get that type of message since he wants Sasuke back). And to bring it all together, with this info in this last chapter, Sasuke's actions up to this point could have been just more justified as he is somewhat trying to protect Naruto as he learns more of Naruto's ploy in this situation for just being the container of the Kyuubi. So even though i hate to say it..... this information in this chapter could validate that Sasuke has been a good guy most of time and just took a different route to get strong enough to protect others that he does care about but has had to shred his superficial feelings for in order to do what he has been doing. What do you guys think? I'll answer the gap questions as they come in teh thread.
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